Chris Norman, Full Stack Developer


I have recently graduated from General Assembly's Web Development Immersive training programme. The programme's curriculum has allowed me to learn modern web technologies from front-end development ā€“ which covered languages such as HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript and jQuery ā€“ to back-end development which included Node.JS, Mongo, SQL, Rails and Ruby. Below is a selection of my personal web development projects:


JavaScript Node AngularJS
Ruby Rails Sinatra

About me

I am a keen hiker, mountaineer and climber. I love all adventures and Iā€™m always interested in expanding my experiences. To date I have been lucky enough to have walked the Haute Route Pyrenees, an 800 km trek in the Pyrenees, canoed down the Yukon River and 4x4 across Morocco.

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Find a Walk

An app that allows users to plan and search for hikeing routes in the UK. I had wanted to use the Ordanance Survey route planning api but this was in beta stage, so I used Google Maps (Geocoding, markers, and polylines). This was my final project at GA, I had to use a Rails API and use AngularJS on the front-end.


A crowd sourcing app that makes expedition holidays more affordable. Users donate to expeditions and rate potential users. Participants are able to blog about their experiences. A MEAN app with the Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API, with a front end built in AngularJS. This was a group project, my responsibilities were to integrate the Geocoding API, assist with styling and layout and to set up the backend to test it rendering in the front end

London's Burning

An app that allows a group of users or an individual user to find a fireworks display that has the shortest combined travel for the whole group. This project required us to integrate Google Maps. The APIs that we utilised were: Google Maps Geocoding API, Google Maps Directions and Google Maps Places and This was a group project and my responsibilities lay mainly with implementing the various google map APIs and rendering them in the front end.


For our first GA assignment, we were asked to choose a game to build in vanilla JavaScript. I chose to create a maze game, where you need to navigate Pacman to the end of the maze within the time limit, trying to hit bonus tiles to give you additional time